Credit consolidation offers for individuals and professionals

The brand is a brand of CA Consumer France, a subsidiary of Credit Lenders, specializing in the repurchase of credit on the brokerage market. Credit Lenders is a mutual and cooperative banking group, which has 29 million individual customers in France in 2019. With the support of a powerful, solid and recognized company, Loan Lift group posted significant performances at the end of 2018:

  • 2 billion outstanding loans;
  • $ 585 million in loans taken out in 2018;
  • 16.01% market share.

All Credit Lift Courtage products are distributed through a network of intermediaries in banking and payment services (IOBSP).Loan Lift group credit buy-back solutions are intended for individuals or professionals. Its products are developed in partnership with brokerage companies, which alone are in contact with the subscribers of Credit Lift Courtage offers. In total, more than 40 brokers work with Loan Lift group throughout France, supported by the 90 employees of the brand.

The Credit Lift Courtage brand offers two types of credit repurchase:

  • the repurchase of mortgage loans;
  • buying back consumer loans (with or without collateral).

Credit repurchase with Credit Lift Courtage

Credit repurchase with Credit Lift Courtage

There are three credit buyout solutions marketed by Loan Lift group:

  • Conso lift: this product aims to meet the needs of individuals wishing to combine one or more credits. These loans can relate to real estate, movable property or services. It is thus possible to mix the repurchase of one or more consumer loans with mortgage loans. On the other hand, mortgage loans cannot represent more than 60% of the total amount bought back.
  • Hypolift 1: like Conso Lift, Hypolift 1 is a solution specifically dedicated to grouping real estate or personal debts. The proportion of property loans must not exceed 60%. The difference with Conso Lift lies elsewhere: for a Hypolift loan, Credit Lift Courtage requires taking a real guarantee: a mortgage on an apartment or a house.
  • Hypolift 2: if the mortgage share exceeds 60% of the total financing, it is advisable to move towards the Hypolift 2 loan. This credit must also be guaranteed by a conventional real estate mortgage. The purpose of this type of security is to protect the lender in the event of borrower default. In the event of delinquencies, the bank is thus entitled to seize the property and resell it to reimburse the outstanding loans.

How to file a credit repurchase file with Loan Lift group?

Credit Lift Courtage being a credit finance company that only uses intermediaries to market its products, you cannot file a file directly with one of its employees. You must imperatively call upon the skills of a partner brokerage company (more than 40 in France), which will offer you the Credit Lift Courtage grouping offers, namely: Conso lift, Hypolift 1 and Hypolift 2.

If the Credit Lift Courtage offers suit you, you can choose one and prepare your credit repurchase dossier with your broker. It will tell you what documents must be part of your file, and this regardless of the type of loans you want to group: real estate loans and / or consumer loans.

How to simulate a credit buyout with Loan Lift group?

How to simulate a credit buyout with Loan Lift group?

If you are not already a Credit Lift Courtage client, you cannot contact the company directly. It is only through brokerage companies that are partners of the group that you can discover its offers, simulate your credit repurchase and subscribe. You must therefore approach one of the brand’s partners: the brokers estimate your budget with you free of charge and simulate your grouping of loans with Credit Lift before any subscription.

It is important to remember that a simulation does not commit the applicant in any way. Other lending organizations or other brokers, members of another network of intermediaries, can also make this simulation with other offers to buy back credits. This is very useful: you can then compare the reimbursement rates and monthly payments that are offered to you, enough to take advantage of the best market conditions.

Credit Lifting Rates for Credit Lift Courtage

Credit Lifting Rates for Credit Lift Courtage

It is during a first credit buyback simulation with a broker that you will see the credit buyout rates offered by Loan Lift group. They are not the same for all customers and vary depending on the type of credit taken out and your file. The more creditworthy you are, the better and lower the loan repayment rate offered by Loan Lift group and the broker. Several brokers allow you to simulate your loan consolidation. Do not hesitate to make various simulations to compare the loan repayment rates of lending organizations and turn to you. The best offer in terms of price, but also in terms of adequacy with your needs.

Good to know: whatever the type of loan taken out with Credit Lift Courtage, the rates are always fixed. This has a definite advantage in this period of low rates and makes it possible to make sure to always repay the same monthly payment.

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